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The Curricula Development Stakeholders Forum for the Department
The Curricula Development Stakeholders Forum for the Department
The Curricula Development Stakeholders Forum for the Department

  • Message from Dr. David Mugo

    I take this opportunity to welcome you to the fastest growing Academic Department in the University of Embu. We are at the heart of this great Institution with a fast-growing community of over 400 students in both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The department is committed to giving our students, not only excellent teaching services but also exposure to scientific thinking and innovation that will form a firm foundation to their lifelong learning.

    Our graduates will fit in the industry in multiple and diverse sectors where statistical, computing and Information technology application is needed. The current programmes will also form a firm foundation for advanced levels in research as well as in praxis. Being application-oriented courses; we strive to incorporate practical sessions and multiple teaching case studies in the learning. The University has also invested heavily in modern infrastructures such as Computer Laboratories, High-Speed Internet connectivity, electronic and multimedia equipment such as overhead projectors among others. These are all commendable efforts to support teaching and learning.
    As part of this young university, the Department continuously strives to:

    • Establish collaborations both locally and internationally with Universities and industrial partners 
    • Develop new demand-driven, interdisciplinary and integrated new academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels
    • Carry out research  in relevant areas to solve and address societal challenges
    • Offer community service to positively impact the society

    It is my hope that the disciplines of computing & I.T, being core parts of innovations and entrepreneurship will position the university in new ways and participate in the national dialogues around the themes of Kenya being a globally competitive and Prosperous Nation with a High Quality of life by 2030

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  • Latest Publications from the Department

    • Joseph, K., Eyobu, O. S., Kasyoka, P., & Oyana, T. J. (2022). A Link Fabrication Attack Mitigation Approach (LiFAMA) for Software Defined Networks. Electronics, 11(10), 1581.1) 
    • Bwana, B. K., Mireji, P. O., Obiero, G. F., Gakii, C., Akoth, M. O., Mugweru, J. N., ... & Hassanali, A. (2022). Annotations of novel antennae-expressed genes in male Glossina morsitans morsitans tsetse flies. Plos one, 17(8), e0273543.
    • Gakii, C., Mireji, P. O., & Rimiru, R. (2022). Graph Based Feature Selection for Reduction of Dimensionality in Next-Generation RNA Sequencing Datasets. Algorithms, 15(1), 21.
    • Mugo, D. M. (2022). Transforming savings and credit cooperatives societies in Kenya using mobile technology services. International Journal of Business Information Systems, 40(4), 560-579.
    • Jepkoech, J., Mugo, D. M., Kenduiywo, B. K., & Too, E. C. (2022) A Backward Regressed Capsule Neural Network for Plant Leaf Disease Classification. Available at SSRN 3975623.
    • Jepkoech, J., Mugo, D., & Too, E. C. (2022) Exploring Entropy Pruning Coupled with Capsule Neural Network (Capsnet) for Leaf Disease Classification. Available at SSRN 4064803.


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